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Program offered by HYCA Development Services, LLC
A licensed real estate
broker in Texas.


Are You Secretly Sacrificing Your Income?

Millions of ordinary Americans are paying more, or worse, being denied for a loan, credit, insurance, rent or utilities because of the growing use of the consumer “Credit Score”. In virtually every household budget a Secret Sacrifice is being made by consumers as creditors use the credit score to justify increased fees on the highest level of consumer debt in history.

Here's How The Secret Sacrifice Costs You Every Month:
Monthly Bills Lori with Credit Score: 502 Tim with Credit Score: 698
Credit Card 1
w/$3,500 balance
$340.86 (29.8% APR)
$39 Late Fee
$312.59 (12.99% APR)
Credit Card 2
w/$3,000 balance
$289.52 (28% APR)
$266.55 (12% APR)
Credit Card3
w/$1,500 balance
$141.84 (24% APR)
$29 Late Fee
$131.87 (10% APR)
Auto Loan $25,000 $581.71 (14% APR) $486.23 (6.25% APR)
Auto Insurance $143.17 $98.32
Electric, Phone & Cable
$224.97 $196.17
Totals $1,790.07 $1,491.73
Lori is paying $298.34 (20%) more per month than Tim for the same items!
Lori is sacrificing $3,580.08 of her annual income due to her low credit score.
Chart is for illustration purposes only.

But That's Not All. Your Low Score Is Hurting You In Other Ways:

Denied Credit. Having a low score often means you won't get that credit card you want. Ready for a new car? How about a new home? It's not going to happen with a low score. Don't put your dreams on hold, you need a proven plan to achieve your dreams! Get your plan now.

Higher Insurance Rates - Or Worse, Denial Of Insurance. That's right. It might not seem fair, but the price you pay for insurance is often based on your credit score. With a lower score, your insurance company will expect you to be a higher risk. Don't expect your insurance agent to tell you about this dirty little secret. The good news is you don't have to be a victim. Stop the madness now!

Higher Utility Rates. The Secret Sacrifice has worked so well to increase profits for your lenders and insurance agents that now utility companies are jumping into the game. That's right! More and more electric and telephone utilities have switched to risk-based pricing - which is just a fancy way of saying they are going to charge you higher prices if you have a lower score. You need a strategy to win this game!

Apartment: Denied. Employment: Denied. Did you know that when you fill-out an application to rent an apartment -- or even an employment application -- you are often giving permission to use your credit as a factor in the decision? Your landlord wants to know if you are at risk of defaulting on your payments. And your employer considers your credit management habits as an indicator about your reliability and trustworthiness. Sure it may not seem fair, but that's the way it is. You can't afford to lose this game. Take control of your credit now.

Stop Making The Secret Sacrifice!

Raising your credit score is the key to avoiding the Secret Sacrifice. Unfortunately, the credit scoring method is a well guarded secret. Not even the company that denies you credit can tell you exactly why you have been given your particular score. But when you enroll in the Community Empower ScoreManager, you not only learn what your score is -- you'll see the factors that created your score AND how to improve it to avoid the Secret Sacrifice.

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